Why Plants?

I was ten years old when my mom introduced me to gardening. We had a small plot of tomatoes in a raised bed, and it was my responsibility to keep them alive.

What started as a simple summertime hobby soon became an obsession, and each year the garden grew more robust. Sugar snap peas, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, and heirloom tomatoes burst forth from the earth like a jungle, and I took fierce pride in the life I was cultivating and sharing with others.

It was only a matter of time before Christmas clothes were replaced by experimental seed packets. Old sports memories were retired in lieu of epic war stories about the chipmunks who laid siege to my produce. And lazy Sundays became adventurous trips to the plant shop to see what plants would end up in my living room jungle.

Although NYC life has created distance between me and my garden, plants are always top of mind. Whether it is dedicating my Instagram to all things green or working with plant parents to decorate their apartments, I am always ready to educate and share the gift of nature with others.

Nick CutsumpasComment